Every once in awhile the underground music world gives birth to a new band that reminds some of us why we’re still here in the first place. I’m not just talking about a breath of fresh air. I’m talking about being handed a ticket to ride a time machine, gaining telekenetic powers, and some Spock mind-meld-type shit. Absolute emotional possesion with mental and physical reprecussions. If you’ve ever witnessed their untouchable live set, read the suggestive/provocative lyrics to “I Am Love”, or admired their flower power aesthetic you know I’m talking about the mother lovin’ GIVE!

Singles Going Confetti is the second chapter in the history of this Washington, DC quintet and not un-like Aliens, Empire Strikes Back, or Batman Returns- the sequel is better than the original. These 11 songs collect all five of their singles released on Youngblood, PainKiller, Triple B, React, and Deranged Records with one brand new track exclusive to this record. Singles Going Confetti will be sure to pleasure, confuse, and grow on all of us until our head’s explode like a rose. Flowerheads come and take me over. Deranged 2012.



From MRR332 ‘ I saw GIVE on tour in San Francisco about a year ago.  Like LION OF JUDAH (they were on tour together and I believe they also share members), GIVE draws on a variety of post-hardcore sounds, such as SALAD DAYS- era MINOR THREAT, Revolution Summer acts like RITES OF SPRING, and late 80’s melodic hardcore such as SWIZ.  While LION OF JUDAH has a progressive hardcore sound (fast and slow parts and lots of tempo changes breaking them up), GIVE are more melodic and at least on the B-side, a lot poppier.  As someone who doesn’t listen to many of the above-mentioned bands, but who enjoys hardcore punk, pop music, and lots in between, I think this is an excellent release with a lot to offer anyone with an interest in these older bands or just an open mind.  Highly recommended.

This is the second single from Give this summer, and it’s twice as good as the first. While “Heaven is Waiting” was recorded in the same Inner Ear Studio sessions as this one, it featured the first two songs they wrote and practiced as the current incarnation of the band. Essentially, “Boots of Faith” is the first glimpse as to what we can expect from Give in the future. While they may still wear their eclectic influences proudly/loudly on their sleeves, these guys seem more focused and in control than before. Highlights: the main riff on side A is haunting and the ending of the B side is killer. The lyrics which gave me goosebumps on the 12”, gave me butterflies this time around. “Shaking hands with the smiling sun..” Hell yes. Lowlights: It’s not an LP!

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]





Singles Going Confetti

Date: 01.01.13

Format: LP / DD

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