“Leisure World play a really interesting style that kind of straddles the line between hardcore and noise rock. Listening to their music I’m reminded of how much of the whole noise rock / AmRep aesthetic is rooted in the later Black Flag stuff. While it’s apparent that Leisure World have listened to more than their fair share of records like Loose Nut and In My Head, they go for something much thicker and denser than those later Black Flag records and they arrive at something that reminds me a lot of modern noise rock-influenced bands like Pissed Jeans. So, if the idea a very ‘Flag-influenced Pissed Jeans piques your imagination I’d highly recommend this one… it’s well-recorded, powerfully performed, and has more music on it than most punk full-lengths these days.” - SORRY STATE

“Single note guitars, vomit yeeeaaaaooowled vocals, hard driving punk rock. Discordant, awkward, no fucks given…but then there are the hooks, and once you get hooked then look the fukk out…because you’re finished. What if BORN AGAINST had been a garage punk band? I’m just saying.” - MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL

” I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who’s looking for more listening material to smoke ciggys and drink coffee to—it’s perfect for it. Simply prescribing themselves as a hardcore/noise rock group, it’s easy to be caught completely off-guard once the intimidating post-punk and gothic rock influences permeate through. The twangy guitar tinged with distortion, the prominent basslines, the heavy-handed drumbeats, the vocals screaming out of pure desperation, all of it culminates into rock of a darker flavor that brings forth general feelings of uneasiness and despair [...] It’s the ideal soundtrack to my inner rubber-room [...] with all seven of these tracks being absolute treasures, filled to the brim with chilling hooks consisting of the guitarist ferociously hammering on the high strings and a vocalist who’s constantly losing himself in his own despondency.” - YOUTUBE JIMMY

“There are bands like Bill Bondsmen and NASA Space Universe who don’t fit into any strict hardcore genre, hewing to their own muse. This usually encompasses sputtering and frayed guitar licks and a manic intensity topped off with nightmarish vocals. Outsider hardcore? Maybe I just invented another pat description but it fits. Anyway, that’s how I’d describe Leisure World. Beholden to no specific group, just making their own nervy sort of noise, with the axe-mangling accompanied by a thick, propulsive bottom end. You can hear bits of Pissed Jeans in there, as well, especially on the closing “Real Manly MEN.” And the gut punching recording brings out those attributes in bold, head-grabbing relief.” - SUBURBAN VOICE