Another hardcore gem from the Boston region.  MALE NURSES mix the Midwest hardcore sound of the 80’s with the South California mood of the same era. 

REVIEW of their 7”:

MRR #329
Debut EP from this Boston group delivers five tracks of relentless and catchy HC punk.  Employing a style of hardcore that originated in the early 80s, but not sounding “retro”, MALE NURSES reminds me a lot of CAREER SUICIDE- maybe with melodic (though not pop) flourishes of a band like SOCIAL CIRCKLE or REGULATIONS.  Great vocals, solid songwriting, lot of energy… It doesn’t rewrite the book but makes for a good chapter.  Worth checking out for fans of the aforementioned, NOW AY records, and the like.

SUBURBAN VOICE - FINALLY, some vinyl from these guys. About fucking time. The Nurses started out as more or less a straight-up ’82 era hardcore band. That influence permeates a good chunk of this EP with the rampaging “Red, White, Blue” being the standout. They’ve also added a snottier west coast punk-meets-Dead Boys element as well, particularly for “Pull The Trigger.” Vocalist Nick Norrman conveys the appropriate attitude and there are some impressive guitar squalls throughout.

FASHIONABLE ACTIVISM -  got this hot slab of wax about a week ago at Extreme Noise when Kevin -being the bum that he is- said that I should get it because he wanted to hear it. It didn’t look bad so I thought “fuck it, why not?” And Jesus H. Christ, this shit rips! They sound a lot like Guilty Faces, and being from the same area we thought that they might share a member or two, but it must just be that great minds think alike. The only problem with this is the hole in the record is a bit small so it’s hard to get off, it doesn’t really matter though, you’re not going to want to take it off anyways. Get it from the always great Deranged Records.



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