Marvelous Darlings started in 2007 one hot summer day. Matt Delong Aka Matty D, and Ben Cook Aka Young Governor (guitarist in Fucked Up) were sitting in their friend’s Pool in the East end of Toronto. Like they have done every summer of their lives, even before their testosterone filled hateful hardcore days, even before their positive straight edge homo erotic pre teen mush room cut stage. On this day Matt dropped the Swords, The Streets demo instrumental via minidisk into Ben’s sunburned brain. They decided they would do a band, and Ben dubbed it The Marvelous Darlings after what he thought was a quote from “Absolutely Fabulous” but isn’t at all and just turned out sounding REALLY COOL. They decided they wouldn’t care about it that much, and only put emphasis where it mattered, which was making good records. Mark Fosco joined the band before ever meeting Ben, and would write bass parts and send them through email. Even though they lived in the same city they never cared to meet because they both never left their houses, or ever wanted to. Two hermits from different ends of town, destined to be lovers (they are now room mates).

Marvelous Mark Fosco’s passion for the band, and tireless drunken whining, kept the Darlings a float playing live for a couple years in Toronto. They band played live only a few times. One time in a basement to 15 people in Ottawa. One time they sold out a venue in Toronto. One time they played a warehouse to 20 goth’s and 4 skater dudes. One time they opened for the Thermals and got banned from the Horseshoe for only playing 22 minutes as opposed to the 30 minute agreement. One time they played a college bar on Halloween and incited a mini riot, they were also banned from this place too. Serdi was the drummer for the duration of the active Darlings era. Not really a drummer, he got by on his sweetheart vibes and good haircut.

Where are they now? They are still releasing records, and recording and writing songs as per the original plan. Matty D lives on the beach, in a trailer, in LA and works on solo material and disco music for black people. He plays in cover bands for money with rich californian dentists who never got to live their dream. Ben does the exact same thing (minus the dentists) but in Toronto. He also plays in some other bands, is a professional movie extra and funboy, and travels the world with fat people. Marvelous Mark Fosco is a chef and professional song writer for major label artists and he is super rich. He also has a huge beard. Serdi makes Violins at his Dad’s violin shop, with the same hair cut. He enjoys british shoe gaze music and irish soccer players.

Single Life compiles a string of 7” vinyl releases by the Darlings, which have all now long sold out. Rumor has it that we can expect some live performances and possibly more recorded outputs in 2012. 





single Life

Date: 11.21.11

Format: LP/CD/DD

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