Hardcore-by-death savants from the SF Bay Area.

MRR review of the Hardcore Elite/Kill The Police 7” single:
“A two-track shredder from these bay area cretins has crept its way into my top ten this month. Raunchy production and enough power make this a standout release. The flip side is a cover by JESUS & THE GOSPELFUCKERS, what a great song to cover and the NEO CONS do it justice. My only complaint is that it would’ve been nice to have one more track of their own on this fine, fine EP. A winner.“

MRR review of the s/t EP:
“I was stoked to find this in my review box because I heard it was coming out soon and I’ve been extremely curious about it. I’ve not been let down! NEO CONS play raw, in-your-face hardcore with a garage punk twist. There’s a lot of hullabaloo about the singer of the band hailing from the godlike 86 MENTALITY, but really this is something totally different and stands entirely on its own (plus he was the drummer in 86 MENTALITY, not the singer). Yeah, it has a similar angry, driving hardcore approach, but it has a DWARVES-like punk aggression as well, and the combination freakin’ works! And then there’s the one song that almost sounds like a lost tune from DOA’s Hardcore ’81 LP, which is a damn good thing. All six tracks on this EP rule. You might have to listen to it a couple of times before you reach an epiphany, but it will certainly happen. Recommended!”






Date: 03.05.13

Format: 7" / DD