LOTS of new titles coming out between now and late February and all are now available for preorder.  Just a friendly reminder for US buyers that you can select the $6 light packet shipping option for up to 4 x LPs assuming you can be patient with your order.  This option involves me shipping from media mail which only happens about once a month when I cross into the US.

TENEMENT the blind wink LP (DY265) 
The repress of Tenement’s second album, The Blind Wink courtesy of Deranged Records.  Their first album Napalm Dream was heavy on the high octane catchy punk, and definitely great but The Blink Wink is where the band found their confidence and compiled a very distinct and mixed sounding album’s worth of material.  From the Replacements, the Descendents, and the Lemonheads, the influences are obvious and the delivery spot on. 
I am not sure how a band that is so deeply rooted in hardcore punk ends up creating such a diverse and strong album so early in their ‘career’ but Tenement have managed to comfortably move beyond the confines of the punk song and keep us captivated. 
“This record is a beautiful oddity.” Razorcake Magazine
***available in both black vinyl and limited color vinyl
Listen here https://derangedrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-blind-wink
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WAVELESS spirit island 12” (DY272)
WAVELESS is a three piece living in MPLS /// playing layered reverberating
music. // Finding inspiration in the likes of Slowdive, Neil Young, and Sonic
Youth // “Its moody without being saccharine and sincere without being
self-indulgent.”  Previously playing together in the short lived noisy punk band
TOTAL TRASH /// and forming in it’s demise ///
Listen here:  https://derangedrecords.bandcamp.com/album/spirit-island
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TOTAL ABUSE excluded LP (DY278)
The Total Abuse has been a band since 2007.  They have released three LPs and two 7"s, and they are considered one of the creators of a rare mixture of the old school hardcore punk sound with 80s industrial / noise aesthetics.  Many bands have tried to copy their sound and vibe but no one has been able to emulate the pure hellish intensity of Total Abuse.

Excluded is their 4th full length LP and was recorded in Austin,TX at Ohm recording studio and produced by David Williams.  After the pure noise sludge mess of Prison Sweat the band decided to take their songs to a different place by focusing on pure riffs.  Each song batters the listener down with raging buzz saw guitar riffs and unadulterated heaviness.  Total Abuse have always been huge fans of true guitar gods like Nirvana and Slayer and here it is most apparent.  These new Total Abuse tracks are still filthy and as noise drenched as ever, but is an album with a stealth and form unlike the three before it.  Excluded is an album about survival, an album about identity, an album (as always) about obsession.  Excluded is Total Abuse at their best!
Listen here https://derangedrecords.bandcamp.com/album/excluded
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PRESSING ON no defeat no capitulation 12” (DY282)
Portland’s based Pressing on put out a small amount of tapes earlier this year, which was more of a rough version of the totally remastered and mixed know known as the “No defeat, no capitulation” record, and boy did it turn out louder and clearer then i would’ve imagined. Pressing On consists of members of the late and great Talk Is poison, as well as from Ashes Rise, and the still going Raw Nerves. Expect nothing less then total anthemic and defiant hardcore with all around great musicianship, and strong sense of melody in that great Talk Is poison style, yet holding their own. A clenched fist pumper for sure.

Available in both black vinyl and red vinyl
Listen here https://derangedrecords.bandcamp.com/album/no-defeat-no-capitulation
Order here http://www.derangedrecords.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=28&products_id=788

OAF s/t 7” (DY281)
Debut 7” from newish Vancouver hardcore band. Evil riffs, raw tone, driving beats and manic vocals. Expressing the stress anxiety and rage of living in an insane world. Stuck in a web of violence and oppression, on the bottom of a hierarchy where capital is the sole representation of power and influence. Seeing the game for what it is and understand that in a dying world you must CHEAT 2 SURVIVE.
Listen here
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CRETINS meat 7” (DY280) 
CRETINS rear their ugly heads yet again with six new cuts of destructive hardcore punk on “Meat”.  This is a completely savage recording that harnesses the pure hatred of Poison Idea and depraved genius of Cleveland’s finest into one crushing EP. This is not the safe, easygoing, or experimental garbage that has crept into HC punk in recent years.  CRETINS’ approach here is simple - hard hitting and forceful songwriting with lyrics that espouse a clear distaste for humanity.  Executed much faster and tighter than previous material, if there’s one CRETINS release to end it all to, “Meat” surely wins out.
Listen here https://derangedrecords.bandcamp.com/album/meat
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DESGRACIADOS humanidad en la obscuridad 7” (DY277)
Talk about left field – a blazing Spanish hardcore punk band from Calgary/Vancouver – who knew?  Absolute scorching hardcore punk – no frills no gimmick.  A solid 4 song EP that will definitely please fans of international hardcore punk.  Art by Matt Bellosi
Listen here https://derangedrecords.bandcamp.com/album/humanidad-en-la-obscuridad-2
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TV FREAKS bad luck charms LP on ltd color vinyl
We have limited color copies of this title and the band screened limited covers on both Red and Yellow covers.  Both are available on the online store.

VIOLENT MINDS eyes of death LP
LYSOL on the corner LP
TENEMENT new 12”
RED DONS the dead hand of tradition LP