Pleasure Leftists ‘the woods of heaven’ LP

It’s with great pride that we offer ‘the woods of heaven’ by the Pleasure Leftists. Full album stream is available here https://soundcloud.com/gordon-dufresne/sets/pleasure-leftists-the-woods-of
The Woods of Heaven is the band’s first proper LP after a string of EPs and singles through labels such as Katorga Works, Fan Death Records, and its current home, Deranged Records. This album features an aggressive tone with tense yet catchy songs such as “Cannon” and “Heaven’s Rocker.” Lead single “You You” is a perfect showcase of just how impressive a vocalist Haley Morris is—not only in her range but in her audible confidence, which propels every track like an engine motor.

Limited color vinyl and regular black vinyl are available to order.  Records have pressed but orders will not ship for another 3 weeks (when they arrive at the office).  thanks