One of the many bands popping up in Austin’s buzzing punk scene, Institute leans to the punk side of post-punk. They recall Crisis & Coitus Int. with a mix of anarcho bands thrown in there too.  Members of Wiccans, Glue, & Recide.  This 12” is a vinyl pressing of their superb demo.  We have 70 copies on TAN colored vinyl for those interested. They also have a fantastic 7” coming out in Katorga Works in the near future.  Tour dates below:
May 3rd - Austin Kick Off Show w/ Recide & Glue
May 9th - Houston, TX w/ Back to Back and Mystic Inane
May 10th - New Orleans, LA w/ Mystic Inane
May 11th - Atlanta, GA
May 12th - Raleigh, NC w/ Black Drugs, RHDP +1 @ the Roux
May 13th - Richmond, VA w/ Mercy Killings and Tendril
May 14th - DC w/ Protester + 1
May 15th - Philadelphia, PA w/ New Crime and Bad Energy
May 16th - New York City w/ Ivy +1
May 17th - New York City
May 18th - New Brunswick, NJ w/ Ugly Parts +1
May 19th - Providence, RI w/ Ratstab +1
May 20th - Day off in Newport, RI
May 21st - Boston, MA w/ Leather Daddy +1
May 22nd - Western Mass w/ Gay Mayor and Dry Socket at the barn
May 23rd - Day off in Western Mass
May 24th - Montreal, CA with Aube +1
May 25th - Toronto, CA (that’s canada)* w/ Hank Wood + ?
May 26th - Detroit, MI* w/ Anonymous Touch at the Precinct
May 27th - Hammond,IN* w/ Big Zit, Carbonleak, and Public Assault
May 28th - Chicago, IL* w/ Gas Rag and Final Grin
May 29th - St. Louis, MO* w/ Trauma Harness and Black Panties at Plush
May 30th - KC, MO* w/ Blood Shaman
May 31st - Ft. Worth TX w/ The Sentenced, Lacerations
June 1st - Austin* w/ Nothing
*—> with Destruction Unit  
Listen to album here: https://derangedrecords.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-ep

STOIC VIOLENCE ‘chained’ 12”
The return of California’s STOIC VIOLENCE comes in the form of 8 new songs pressed on the always great 12” 45rpm format, housed in a gatefold jacket featuring some sick art from LA artist Austin Delgadilo.  The 8 songs on ‘CHAINED’ are mean, ugly, and punishing.  Record comes out in mid/late May, on black vinyl only.  This is a split release with Video Disease.
Listen to album here: https://derangedrecords.bandcamp.com/album/chained

NO PROBLEM ‘already dead’ LP
New album from Edmonton’s NO PROBLEM. After their stellar debut they deliver a sophomore full-length that takes their frustrated and paranoid hardcore-punk to a new level. Still taking cues from BLACK FLAG, D.O.A. or TSOL, they add darker and more melodic elements to the mix. This is music for maladjusted adults who are too old to be able to relate to teenage problems, but whose feelings of alienation have in no way withered with age, and are looking for something that musically and lyrically captures the frustration of adult punk life. NO PROBLEM effectively fusing hardcore with catchy yet aggressive or paranoid melody.
They are going on their 2nd European this in May with Voight Kampff. 
Listen to album here: https://derangedrecords.bandcamp.com/album/were-already-dead
13.05.2014 Amsterdam - Vrankrijk
14.05.2014 Münster - Baracke
15.05.2014 Aalborg - 1000 Fryd
16.05.2014 Bremen - G 18
17.05.2014 Copenhagen - Dödsmaskinen
18.05.2014 Stockholm - tba
19.05.2014 Oslo - Deichmanske Bibliotek Grünerløkka
20.05.2014 HELP
21.05.2014 Örebrö - Kulturföreningen “Stationen”
22.05.2014 Hamburg - Ms Hedi
23.05.2014 Leipzig - Zoro
24.05.2014 Warsaw - Club CDQ (w/ Hysterics)
25.05.2014 Wroclaw - CRK
26.05.2014 Berlin - Koma F
27.05.2014 Vienna - EKH
28.05.2014 Budapest - Trafik Klub
29.05.2014 Zagreb - Grey Room
30.05.2014 Bologna - Atlantide
31.05.2014 Milano - Cox 18 (w/ Condominium)
01.06.2014 Munich - Kafe Kult
02.06.2014 Tübingen - Epplehaus
03.06.2014 Paris - La Mécanique Ondulatoire
04.06.2014 Kortrijk - The Pits

VK have a new 7” coming out this summer and an album later in the year.  They are also touring Europe this May with NO PROBLEM (above).  More information as it comes available. 

The album comes out next month (late May).  Here is a review fro CVLT Nation: ‘After last year’s excellent “Procession” EP, an EP that showcased the Flowers’ talent for combining the tradition of anarcho/peace punk with a postpunk sensibility, the new “Weaver” LP continues in much the same vein. The first side kicks off with the energetic track “Magdalene” and the pace doesn’t let up too much from there, culminating in the barnstorming track “Anamnesis,” which employs a riff that reminds me of a Rudimentary Peni track (specifically, “The Evil Clergyman” off RP’s “Cacophony“). But it’s Side 2 that contains my favorite tracks off this new release. The second side kicks off with the memorable track “Byzantine”; guitarist Stan Wright lays down a chunky, Killing Joke-esque riff (think of that band’s song “Tension” mixed with “The Wait”), complemented by frontwoman Alex’s vocals, which recall the classic goth-punk of bands like Rubella Ballet and Lost Cherrees. The following title track, “Weaver,” is another winner – just a great mid-tempo punk rocker that, in true Arctic Flowers fashion, blurs the boundaries between classic punk, postpunk, and early gothic rock.
That’s the genius of Arctic Flowers, though, on full display in this new offering: their ability to recombine and synthesize, in new and interesting ways, the traditions of gothic rock and anarcho-punk into a novel, fresh whole. Stan’s nimble guitar is pushed to the fore in the mix of most songs. The rhythm section isn’t far behind, though: Cliff’s drums cover a wide expanse of tempos, from the slower gothic dirge of “Dirges Dwell” (which features a Joy Division-esque bass and guitar opening, harkening back to “Dead Souls”) to the uptempo barnstormer that is Side 1′s late track, “Anamnesis.” Bassist Lee’s work centers the band’s arrangements perfectly, like the lodestar around which one orients a compass. As always, Arctic Flowers’ playing is smart, thoughtful, passionate, centered, and succinct. It is at turns intricate and blunt, subtle and heavy. The long-running DIY background of the band’s members imparts to the songs an urgency one is not likely to find in the more disingenuous bands trying to hop on the recent goth-punk bandwagon.  Weaver is simply an excellent LP.’
Listen to album here: https://derangedrecords.bandcamp.com/album/weaver

Deranged is repressing their debut LP, previously on FanDeath records.  Should have this out in late May.  Hold tight.  They are also touring Europe in May and will have a new album in fall 2014. The demo songs I’ve heard so far are excellent.
4/30 - Bielefeld, Germany
5/1 - Kortrijk, Belgium
5/2 - London, UK
5/3 - Manchester, UK
5/4 - Norwich, UK
5/5 - Nottingham, UK
5/6 - Paris, France
5/7 - Tübingen, Germany
5/8 - Zürich, Switzerland
5/9 - Bologna, Italy
5/10 - Zagreb, Croatia
5/11 - Budapest, Hungary
5/12 - Graz, Austria
5/13 - Brno, Czech Republic
5/14 - Berlin, Germany
5/15 - Hamburg, Germany
5/16 - Giessen, Germany
5/17 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Album has been recorded and will be out this summer along with tons of touring.  More information forthcoming over the next month or so. 

LIFE LIKE 7”, DAVIDIANS 7”, PREGNANCY SCARE 7” and #1’s LP are in the works