WHITE LUNG – are touring Ontario and Montreal in early June followed with an East Coast tour of the US with POLLUTION.

May 27 Vancouver @ Honey  (Tour Kickoff Show)

June 4 Toronto @ Parts & Labour

June 5 Montreal @ Casa Del Popolo

June 6 Ottawa @ Day House Show (279 Flora St.)

June 6 Ottawa @ nIXne

June 7 Sudbury @ Millard’s Garage

June 8 Waterloo @ The Grist Mill

June 9 Toronto @ TBA

June 10 Brooklyn @ Johnson Ave w/ POLLUTION

June 11 Baltimore @ Hexagon w/ POLLUTION

June 12 Raleigh @ Berkley Café w/ POLLUTION

June 13 Atlanta @ 585 Wells St Warehouse w/ POLLUTION

June 14 Gainesville @ Junkyard w/ POLLUTION

June 15 Charleston @ Summerville Legion w/ POLLUTION

June 16 Richmond @ Plaza Bowl w/ POLLUTION

June 17 Philadelphia @ Ava House w/ POLLUTION

June 18 Brooklyn @ Archeron w/ POLLUTION

June 25 Tofino @ Maquinna Pub

June 26 Vancouver @ Biltmore (Album Release Party)

July 3 Calgary Sled Island Festival @ The Legion with Fucked Up, GZA, No Age

Will Munro, 1975-2010

This world just lost a real stand-up guy .  Many great memories – road trips, shows, meals, and always the best halloween costume at the party. Will was ahead of the curve with everything he did and always working on something great.  Rest in Peace Will


loads of new releases in the works. most for june/july : molested youth 7″, give 7″, bloody gears 7″, red dons 7″, mature situations 7″, male nurses 7″, mother’s children lp, white lung lp, AC4 (ex refused, regulations) lp, burning love lp, red dons lp, statues new lp, young offenders lp, nomos 12″. also new website. until then, go here


BURNING LOVE – don’t ever change b/w jack the ripper 7”
Now accepting pre-orders via the online store for the new single featuring ‘Don’t Ever Change’ from their forthcoming SONGS FOR BURNING LOVERS LP (out early summer 2010) and a brilliant cover of Nick Cave’s ‘Jack the Ripper’. BURNING LOVE features Chris Colohan (CURSED, LEFT FOR DEAD, RUINATION) on vocals. Definitely more punk than CURSED but still rooted stoner / doomy metal hardcore. 200 copies on limited blue/white mixed vinyl available.

lots of new releases in the works, here is a preview


PREORDERS/ONLINE STORE BURNING LOVE demo 7”, WHITE LUNG Atlanta 7”, SLAVE SCENE 7” red vinyl, VACANT STATE 7” red vinyl and STATUES new people LP have all shipped out.  New additions to the online store include the DEFECT DEFECT LP, SLAVE SCENE LP and ROUGH KIDS split 7”

AIRFIX KITS Have launched their website – http://www.airfix-kits.com/ and have a number of upcoming shows:
Austin, TX – 05/29/10  Chaos In Tejas Red 7 with LEATHERFACE
San Francisco, CA – 05/15/10 with the Reaction at Thee Parkside
Oakland, CA – 04/11/10 with Tranzmitors & Young Offenders at Sugar Mountain
San Francisco, CA – 03/20/10 CRIME record release show at The Knockout

TRANZMITORS Have two new 7”s coming out of different labels very shortly.  They are also touring the West Coast:
Friday Apr.9 Vancouver @ The Railway Club
Saturday Apr.10 Portland @ Satyricon w/CLOROX GIRLS, ROUGH KIDS et al.
Sunday April 11 Oakland @ Sugar Mountain w/AIRFIX KITS, YOUNG OFFENDERS
Monday Apr.12 Los Angeles @ Five Stars Bar w/CLOROX GIRLS, ROUGH KIDS
Tuesday Apr.13 Santa Cruz @ Blue Lagoon w/SPURTS, LUXURY SWEETS
Wednesday Apr.14 San Francisco @ The Hemlock Tavern w/PLEASURE KILLS
Thursday Apr.15 Sacramento @ Shire Road Club w/BOATS!, PROBLEM GIRLS, ENLOWS
Friday Apr.16 Portland @ Slabtown w/MEAN JEANS, BARE WIRES, CRYPT OF THE GRAVE
Saturday Apr.17 Seattle @ The Funhouse w/STRAP STRAPS, CREEM CITY, BLUE RIBBON BOYS

REGULATIONS I have about 5 copies of the 5 variations for the brazilian press of the recent regulations lp.  If interested, email me.


BURNING LOVE their upcoming DON’T EVER CHANGE 7” comes out next month.  For those interested is the digital format, you can get it from all the usual places.  The demo 7” is now out and here is what the different variations of the demo 7” look like:


WHITE LUNG OUT NOW – Atlanta is the third 7” from Vancouver’s WHITE LUNG featuring 3 new songs.  More of the same excellent Riot Grrrl meets early UK punk.  LP and touring summer of 2010.

BAYONETTES OUT NOW- The long delayed last BAYONETTES 7” featuring two songs, one of which was mixed by Martin Farkas from Career Suicide.  This was meant to have come out for the band’s last tour a few years ago but there were a number of delays. Limited to 300 copies.




STATUES The repress of their solid NEW PEOPLE MAKE US NERVOUS album is in production and should available for early March.  They are doing a 2nd European tour this spring and new album is also going into production shortly.  Reviews of their 2nd album here:

Maximumrocknroll 285
Wow, a welcome new dsicovery for me. Mining the same updated pop-punk/power-pop/mod-punk vein as SMALLTOWN or current faves (and co-Canucks) TRANZMITORS, with the hint of a less snotty BRIEFS and a literary JAWBREAKER-esque quality to the lyrics. Great stuff, recorded well and with great catchy choruses. Sounds authentic but not retro. Eight songs at 45RPM for max. auditory effect. Apparently the CD has five more songs-BOO! If those extra songs we’re any good they’d be onthe vinyl. You don’t need ’em! (AM)

NOW WAVE Webzine
Statues New People Make Us Nervous CD (Pelado Records/Shooting at Decoys) (REVIEW BY LORD RUTLEDGE) Your typical pop-crazy Now Wave readers will love Sudbury, Ontario’s Statues. On its second full-length release, this mod/punk/powerpop trio lets loose 13 bolts of upbeat, high-energy tuneage that I can’t help but crank loud. What a great album! Kicking up some snappy Jam/Buzzcocks electricity a la American counterparts The Adored and specializing in bright, frenetic melodies that would thrill fans of Green Day, Statues storm out of the gates and never let up on this delightful sophomore effort. It’s hard to single out one particular “hit”, because song after song is tuneful and energetic in the most thoroughly enjoyable way. I’m especially keen on “Living In Lines”, “Nerve Damage”, “The Last Stand”, and “Rubber Gloves”. With the exception of minor forays into the realm of Clashy reggae and radio friendly post-punk, the disc delivers a non-stop barrage of pulsating power chords and brisk, catchy tunes. But don’t go thinking this is lightweight, fluffy stuff! The vibe here is nervy, not cutesy. There are no sappy songs about broken hearts or unattainable pretty girls. In fact, one of the things I like most about this album is the lyrics. Here Statues take on some sharp social commentary in a non-preachy and not at all heavy-handed way. These are songs that reflect the pervasive anxiety and emotional disconnection that plague today’s world: technology gone too far, governments and employers intruding into our lives, consumerism run amok, and the overmedicated masses beset by the rigors of the rat race. All of this 21st Century fear and loathing is explored with good humor and invigorating, high-spirited playing. I defy you not to smile and dance your way through the infectious refrain “We can’t complain about the weather/If we never go outside”. All in all, a totally outstanding release from one of North America’s most underrated punky pop groups. Jump on it, Now Wave Nation! —Lord Rutledge January 12, 2007

SLAVESCENE & VACANT STATE Both 7”s are being repressed on limited red vinyl.  You can pre-order on the deranged site.


PREORDERS/ONLINE STORE In addition to the new DERANGED preorders, I’ve also added a number of great non-deranged titles: COMPLAINTS 7”, BURIAL split 7”, new SCHOOL JERKS 7”, SHITTY LIMITS 7”/LP, FIX ME LP, both LIMPWRIST LP, the great DESTINO FINAL LP, RANDOM CUTS 7”s, TOTAL ABUSE demo 7”, and plenty more.


IT’S A DOG’S LIFE New addition to the family.

BURNING LOVE The first vinyl offering from Toronto’s BURNING LOVE featuring Chris Colohan (CURSED, LEFT FOR DEAD, RUINATION) on vocals. Originally released as a limited cassette demo in 2009, now available on vinyl.  Definitely more punk than CURSED but still rooted in stoner / doomy metal hardcore.  4 originals and one cover.  2nd 7” and LP coming out soonish on DERANGED and a full USA and Canadian tour later this year. There are two different color editions (with matching covers and centre labels) and as well as a limited felt-weave covers with black on black centre labels.  This 7” is now available for pre-order now and shipping Mid Feb.

Review from EXCLAIM ‘While the name may deceive, there’s no love ― just burning ― on this Toronto, ON-based quintet’s energetic and completely grimy debut recording. Comprised of six tracks blasted out in ten minutes, the garage-based endeavour is shockingly debaucherous and unkempt. Essentially comprised of former Cursed vocalist Chris Colohan and Hamilton doom-y hardcore outfit Vatican Chainsaw Massacre, this sinister collaboration spawns a dirtier punk’n’roll-based hardcore outfit than one would anticipate. Their drive elicits comparisons to Disfear, Holland’s the Spades, back in their Learnin’ The Hard Way era, and of course, Colohan’s deep-rooted adoration for Winnipeg, MB’s dearly departed Kittens, offering an element of downbeat-heavy tracks bathed in primal angst. Keenly restrained enough to be melodic but still abrasive and loud, Burning Love offer up what’s best described as the pelvis-driven distillation of their feeder bands. And that is great but pretty frustrating when such an awesomely primitive, rudimentary style can be so inspiring and brusque yet ephemeral.’

REGULATIONS All pre-orders have now shipped. Thanks to all those who ordered directly.  I have a dozen or so of both the Yellow and the Red vinyl editions available.

BAYONETTES The long delayed last BAYONETTES 7” featuring two songs, one of which was mixed by Martin Farkas from Career Suicide.  This was meant to have come out for the band’s last tour a few years ago but there were a number of delays. Limited to 300 copies, available for pre-order now and shipping Mid Feb.

WHITE LUNG The third 7” from Vancouver’s WHITE LUNG featuring 3 new songs.  More of the same excellent  Riot Grrrl meets early UK punk.  LP and touring summer of 2010.  This 7” is now available for pre-order now and shipping Mid Feb.



WHITE LUNG  – Their 3rd 7”, entitled ATLANTA comes out in early March, pre-order information should be available in a week or two but in the meantime, you can check the video below or better yet see the live thing on their westcoast tour with Nu Sensae:

14 Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge
15 Olympia, WA @ Bike And Bike
16 Portland, OR @ Work/Sound
18 San Francisco, CA @ Balazo
19 Sacramento, CA @ TBA
20 Oakland, CA @ Ghost Town
21 Anaheim, CA @ Afternoon house show
21 Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell
22 Long Beach, CA @ Que Sera
23 Bakersfield, CA @ Metro Art Gallery
24 Reno, NV @ The Hen Den
26 Salem, OR @ House show

ps. The band will have test press copies of their ATLANTA 7” on this tour.


REGULATIONS – The vinyl comes out next week via ebullition and I will have copies within the next week.  In the meantime, you can listen to 5 songs from the album as well as both Side A and B of the bonus 7″ here

ps. the new RED DONS album and BLOODY GEARS 7″ sound fantastic.  things to look forward to along with a slew of other great releases coming in the next few months.


VAPID – This is the first review I’ve found for the VAPID practically dead LP from BEATROUTE magazine ” VAPID are definitely one of the poppier bands to come out of Vancouver’s noise-rock/weird punk bumper crop, but PRACTICALLY DEAD, their first LP, is still a brash and bratty offering.  Delivering on the promise of their excellent “Do The Earthquake’ single from early 2008, PRACTICALLY DEAD delivers several gems of angry, pointed noise pop that strays between bubblegum melody and abrasive guitar assault with ease.  These are abrasive pop tunes with guitar feedback, not clean pop tunes recorded terribly so as to sound noisy.

Like any good punk record, PRACTICALLY DEAD delivers its goods quickly and doesn’t overstay its welcome.  The hooks are catchy, the music is firmly rooted in punk rock via noise-pop influence and just when you think the melodies are getting a bit too sugary, vocalist Katie will yell something like ‘I’ll tear your fucking eyes out!’   Plus, most of these songs fly by in under two minutes – it’s back to basics, but it works for VAPID.  Older songs like “Do the earthquake”, “Die”, and “Sex Stain” also appear on here, albeit in new versions.  PRACTICALLY DEAD comes with a digital download that includes the “Do the Earthquake” single in addition to the album itself, so if you’re late to the party or don’t have a turntable, you can still join in.  Recommended.”

VACANT STATE – Record release show


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